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Mains concepts

Metro Ethernet is a computer network that serve a metropolitan area and that is based on the Ethernet standard. It is frequently used as a metropolitan access network to subscribers and businesses to a larger service network or the internet. Enterprises also can use metro Ethernet to connect branch offices to their own intranet. Metro Ethernet offers reliability, scalability and bandwidth management superior to most proprietary networks, is faster, easier and cost effective.

So, in simple words what is metro Ethernet?
a) Metropolitan network area.
b) Bandwidth for internet and data for a lower cost.
c) A fiber connection to hosted applications services and serves.
d) Point to point/ point to multipoint / multipoint to multipoint between you and other metro locations.

And why use metro Ethernet?
Cost effectiveness - infrastructure equipment cost are less than other technologies, this due the technical simplicity of the Ethernet.
Rapid provisioning on demand -the service velocity is a competitive camp for service providers, and the metro Ethernet offer high speed for lower cost.
Packet based.
Ease to inter working - reduces configuration requirements, and it's simple to integrate and interface the end user to metro Ethernet services.
Flexibility - allows bandwidth increases without additional installations.
Convenience -easy to learn compared another more complex.
Ease to use.
Universal platform -provide a universal network infrastructure.
Compatibility- works with any software and computer.

But commonly new technologies have limitations, and metro Ethernet is not an exception for this case, some of these limitations are.
Connection admission to new user request.
Packet coloring.
Slow failure recovery.
Spanning tree issues.
Scalability and network utilization.
Protection mechanisms.
Quality of the cable.

The metro Ethernet architecture could be a little bit confused for us, as you can see in the following image.

And a simple description, could that we have a central serve, unit of prosecution, and the information goes out for the server through the optic fiber, and arrive to another server that divide the information, for example in the image you can see how is a central server and after different servers divide and provide of Ethernet to the end user. This could be a simple explanation of the metro Ethernet architecture, is more complex but for our understanding a simple explanation could be bette

Recently a metro Ethernet provider offer a wireless access, not the typical fiber optic access, and with a sophisticated metro Ethernet architecture, due user bandwidth search continues on a seemingly insatiable path, and a wireless connection is useful for the reason, that the connection of the computer with cables in different locations is unnecessary.